E Wing House


Chicken Tenders

Served with your choice of sauce

25 pcs.

10 pcs.

15 pcs.

20 pcs.


Served with your choice of sauce and coleslaw or regular fries

Tender and delicious, our seafood and chicken selections are second-to-none. We offer carry-out for your convenience.

Chicken & Seafood


3 pcs.

4 pcs.

5 pcs.

Our Customer Reviews

"I ordered a Mobile Fat Burger combo cooked right and served with a smile. There is no doubt this was an excellent experience. I look forward to returning and sharing a great meal with friends."











Buffalo Shrimp

Served with your choice of sauce

6 pcs.

10 pcs.

20 pcs.

30 pcs.





chicken chicken tenders

Menu prices are subject to change.

Substitutions for combos have an additional charge.